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A German Sports Team finds its way into the eSports scene.

AS is a German sports organization, founded in May 2015 by Julian „Padawaa“ Walenzyk and is based in Wächtersbach, a city without actual guards.

The AS organization is split in 2 different departments. The first department is called AS TralkörperAS Tralkörper is a soccer team that is playing in different tournaments over the course of a year. The second department is called AS eSports, founded in May 2017 by André „Beat” Röll. AS eSports has one team in League of Legends formed by real-life friends, who are also members of the AS Tralkörper soccer team.

The ICS is our first competitive experience and we are happy that we can improve ourselves in a competitive environment.

AS eSports, like many other teams, came to us in September to compete with other teams and improve. The relatively fresh eSports team did not have it easy in its group. They played against many teams with much more competitive experience than themselves and made great strides in their style of play throughout the season. They played every match until the last day, kept the rules, communicated well, demonstrated fair play and did their best.

Our philosophy is to connect the real-life sport with the eSport and form friendships and team spirit based on this philosophy.

We would like to thank you as the organizer for your participation and we wish you good luck for your competitive future, both in League of Legends, as well as in soccer!

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