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  • Welcome to the official website of the ICS - International Conqueror Series. If you have questions, please contact an admin via discord or ticket. We wish you and your team a lot of fun and success.

"ICS - International Conqueror Series" - Terms of Use

The „ICS – International Conqueror Series is providing a tournament and ranking system for its users. The use of this website is bound to following terms and conditions:

  1. The „ICS – International Conqueror Series” reserves the right to change content and rankings on the website.
  1. Availability of contents:
    1. The “ICS – International Conqueror Series” is doing its best to keep the content and the website available at all times.
    2. For paid agreements, the „ICS – International Conqueror Series is providing a guarantee for at least 97% successful availability.
  1. The „ICS – International Conqueror Series” is not providing any additional content besides the offered content on the website.
  1. Every participant is committing himself to use original and official game versions.
  1. The user accepts the rules for participation in the tournaments and acknowledges the fact that breaking the rules at any point might end up in him being restricted or disqualified and is, therefore, agreeing on missing out previously earned prices and paid transactions in the time he’s participating in the tournament of the question.
  1. The user is obligated to hand out truthful information about himself and his team members in the according to profiles.
  1. The „ICS – International Conqueror Series” is not responsible for any false information provided by its users.
  1. Exploitation rights for the games played in tournaments hosted by the ICS – International Conqueror Series are in all its extent with the „ICS – International Conqueror Series. This includes the rights on demonstrations, replays of tournament games, just as their broadcasting in TV, radio and other audio and video online streaming services, as well as records of these. Demonstration and replays are data files which are provided by the game software intended to record the played games for future playbacks.
  1. Player and team accounts are not allowed to be transferred or sold in any circumstances.
  1. Participants are responsible themselves to pay taxes on earned prices according to their current location.
  1. Exclusively the law of the “Bundesrepublik Deutschland” (Federal Republic of Germany) is applied.
  1. In case of invalidation of previous conditions, every other condition is unaffected by its inability to be applied. In the place of the invalid condition, the “ICS – International Conqueror Series” will apply rulings which are in context and interest of the original condition.