Second Pentakill of the ICS by Acid Gaming NoName

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It’s raining Pentakills recently! “M2 Machine Gun” of “Acid Gaming NoName” is clearing the stage.

Acid Gaming NoName is following Cracow Esports footsteps and blowing off another Pentakill on the FenrisTV Germany stream.
Two sets of straight and clean victories for “Acid Gaming NoName” from Group C so far. As of right now, it seems like only
Sublizzy eSports may be able to stop them on their path to the playoffs.

This may only be week two and therefore just the beginning of the league, but Acid Gaming’s Midlaner
M2 Machine Gun is sure that they’ll manage to pull off a few more victories and even a few interesting
off-meta champs!

We’re excited for what “Acid Gaming NoName” has still in store for the stage!
Well played and good luck on the battlefield!

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