Regular Series (5on5)

 Important News
  • Welcome to the official website of the ICS - International Conqueror Series. If you have questions, please contact an admin via discord or ticket. We wish you and your team a lot of fun and success.

Will your team become the new ICS-Champion?

The regular series:

The ‘Regular Series’ is the foundation of our league system. It offers teams of different levels a chance to participate in an organized league system and to gain valuable competitive experience in the eSports scene. That’s why there are no restrictions for teams to get a spot in the ‘Regular Series’ based on pure Elo or rank alone. However, we want to point out that, due to legal protection for minors and privacy, for participants to be able to play in the ‘Regular Series’ as well as any other event connected to the ICS they need to be at least 16 years old or of legal age, respectively, depending on the particular game.

Essential to the ‘Regular Series’ is a divisional system that divides the teams into separate groups. The 1st and 2nd division will consist of eight teams battling it out in a round robin format. Subsequent divisions will contain four complete brackets. For more information refer to the ‘Master Rulebook’. A season usually takes seven to ten weeks depending on the playoffs and relegation games. The winner of the 1st division will be crowned ‘ICS-Champion’ of the respective season. The ICS aims to broadcast a multitude of games via Twitch.

Your organization / your team on twitch:

The ICS management grants major- and minor licenses upon written request to organizations that want to display ICS content on Twitch. Contact requests in both English or German can be made directly through our contact form. Additional information on this topic can be found particularly in our license policy.

It is our philosophy to actively support eSports and all organizations that adhere closely to fair play and sincerity. Hence, you will be able observe that we will be streaming a broad range of matches of the ‘Regular Series’ on Twitch and ensure that you and your team are represented in the best way possible. We are currently broadcasting matches for English and German audiences.

General information on the Regular Series:

The Regular Series lasts seven to ten weeks after which playoffs and relegation matches take place, if a team has qualified for either of those. Refer to the Master Rulebook for more details. Information about prices can be found in the respective division/group sections. All matches will be held in a Bo3 format and Bo5 for playoff matches of the 1st division, respectively. Do you have any questions? Before creating a support-ticket, take a look at our FAQ that will most likely resolve any misconceptions in advance. If you still can’t find an answer to your question contact us via ticket or on Discord.

Master-Rulebook (5on5):

This is where you can find the latest version of the Master-Rulebook for the ‘Regular Series (5on5)’. In case of any questions regarding any of the points listed in the rule book, please log into your account and open up a support ticket to ‘[Support] – League of Legends’. We will try to help you out as soon as possible. For minor questions you can also join our Discord server and get in touch with us there. To do that, follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Twitch license and activities:

The ICS management may grant licenses for broadcasting rights for certain matches of the ‘Regular Series’ upon written request. To contact us in that regard please refer to the contact form on our website. Further information related to licenses can be found in our license policy. We strictly prohibit the broadcasting of matches of the ICS without a valid license and reserve the right to legal action.

Currently, we broadcast games of the ‘Regular Series’ for both English and German audiences. We might consider to include additional streams for other languages and therefore encourage you to get in touch with us, if your organization / project can provide a casting team in any other language that can fulfill the standards of our production.