Registration: Duelist Series

 Important News
  • Welcome to the official website of the ICS - International Conqueror Series. If you have questions, please contact an admin via discord or ticket. We wish you and your team a lot of fun and success.

ICS - Duelist Series Registration

We’re happy that you’re interested in signing up on our “Duelist Series” 2on2 format!

To sign up for the “Duelist Series” of this season, you’ll be in need of joining our Discord and creating a ticket via our support system. The “Duelist Series” is played as a 2on2 format on the “Howling Abyss” map of “League of Legends”. The lobby is created as a “tournament draft” game. There are bans allowed. You and your teammate’s account will be published, so scouting is possible for every participant of the league. The matches will be played on Fridays, 19:00 CEST. Games are able to be postponed.

Your team will be placed in a group consisting of 6 teams, from which two will advance into the “single elimination” stage. For how long the event will be running exactly, is determined by the number of registrations, but be sure, that the event takes at least 9 weeks to finish, including at least 8 matchdays. The first matchday will be on the 30th of November!

What is required to participate?

These are the most basic things to remember, before signing up. We will now go through what is actually required to participate and what would be necessary to write into the ticket, which is processed for your registration:

  • At least 16 years old
  • Providing of your and your friend’s Discord name, including the tag.
    • Example: ChallengerByHeart#1234
  • Your and your friend’s Summoner name.
  • A profile on this website in which these details are written down:
    • Your Summoner name
    • Your friend’s Summoner name

What’s in for me and my friend?

We will register this tournament on Riot’s community event website, which will result in prices handed out by Riot games for different places. The amount of RP and XP-Boosts provided by Riot games is dependent on the number of registrations for the event, so we can’t give you detailed information about this subject at this very moment.

So what now?

Your registration will be processed only if all of this information is given and linked properly.
You will be assigned the correct roles on our discord as soon as possible!

More detailed information about the “Duelist Series” is found in the Master Rulebook.

We’ll see you on the fields of justice!

Example of a correct ticket registration:

Here we show you, how you can structure your ticket which you will be creating in order for the official registration for the “Duelist Series”. Please remember, that you also need to have at least one contact person on our Discord server!

  • Short message: “Hey! Me and my friend would like to participate!”
  • My own data:
    • My Discord tag: ChallengerByHeart#1234
    • My Summoner Name: ChallengerByHeart
    • I am the contact person of my team!
  • My friend’s/partner’s data:
    • Discord tag: BronzeByHeart#4321
    • Summoner Name: BronzeByHeart
    • He can also be contacted.
  • Any additional information