Penalty Points – 1st Season

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Penalty Points Record - International Conqueror Series - Regular Series

This is the official record of given penalty points by the “ICS – International Conqueror Series” for participants of the “Regular Series“. These penalty points have been given to participants in the context of the 1st season. Participants will be marked with penalty points according to punishments for acting against the “Master Rulebook“.

If you think an entry has been made incorrectly, please let us know and write a “ticket“. Usually, these cases have been thought through very well and were already considered to be the most appropriate solution to the objection. Bear this in mind and only contact us if you’re absolutely sure something isn’t right. Each appeal must include a meaningful description and, if necessary, evidence.

Penalty Points - 1st Season - ICS Regular Series

TeamGroup / DivisionMatch DataDate / TimeTypeDetailsPenalty PointsResponsible Admin
"Cracow Esports"Group D/18.09.2018Unsporting Behaviour (1p)Didn't provide detailed memberlist in time.1Michael Witt - Management
"Lovely Mister Singing Club"Group B/23.09.2018Unsporting Behaviour (1p)Failed to communicate name change of a player.1Michael Witt - Management
"Pyrolyse Gaming"Group DWeek 2 / Team Society - Abstellkammer vs. Pyrolyse Gaming29.09.201820min delay on live-cast (4p) / Lobby Creation violation for inviting a coach (2p) / Use of not announced substitues (2p) / No published roster (1p)No roster, heavily delayed live game, technical issues for players at start, use of coaches and not announced substitutes.9Michael Witt - Management
"Cracow Esports"Group DWeek 3 / Team Society Abstellkammer vs. Cracow Esports03.10.2018No-Show on live-cast (4p) / Incomplete published roster (2p)Didn't show up on live-cast game.6Michael Witt - Management
"MGG Green"Group BWeek 3 / ADR +error Squad vs. MGG Green03.10.2018Violation of the Code of Conduct (3p) / forbidden use of placeholders (3p)Disrespectful behaviour towards opponents & administration. Use of a placeholder & draft-dodge6Michael Witt - Management
"Tactical Gaming"Group BWeek 3 / Tactical Gaming vs. Lovely Mister Singing Club9.10.2018No Show to live game (4p)No Show to live game4Michael Witt - Management
"R3vive League"Group DWeek 4 / Acid Gaming vs. R3vive League9.10.2018No show to live game (3p)Didn't announce their game delay.3Michael Witt - Management
"Pyrolyse Gaming"Group DWeek 3 / Pyrolyse Gaming vs. Fenris eSports - Raccoon9.10.2018No show to game (4p)Didn't show up on arranged alternative matchdate4Michael Witt - Management