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ICS Master Rulebook: Regular Series (5on5)

§1 Generic

§1.1. Legal force

If the case applies that one or multiple articles in these regulations are not valid to be performed on, the other rules are unaffected by these circumstances. Considering the other rules and regulations, the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by the enforceable provision whose effect comes closest to the original objective. If it turns out that there is no feasible provision, as there is a gap in the set of rules by way of example, the ICS reserves the right to make a decision by admin and management, which is chosen on the basis of fair play and factual analysis. In any case, legal recourse against the ICS, partners and sponsors, participating organizations, teams and players are excluded; The exclusion of legal recourse concerns the entire ICS and all its events. Any decision made by Admins or Management due to a gap in the policy will be posted on the website. The gap is resolved promptly.

§1.2. Description of the ICS – Regular Series

The ICS – Regular Series is organized by the organization Fenris eSports. The regular series includes all official games of the qualifiers, the individual divisions as well as the relegation and the playoffs. The Regular Series is the base league of the ICS in each individual game and does not require membership or participation fees from the organizations, teams or players.
There are no restrictions based on Elo, rankings or similar competitive measurement methods. The Regular Series exists to provide amateur players with a fair, competitive environment.

§1.3. Composition & structure of divisions

The ICS – Regular Series offers teams with and without organization the opportunity to reach different divisions through playful performance and fair play. Basically, the rules are valid and applied to all qualifiers, divisions, relegation and playoff games. If there are exceptions, it will be officially announced.

In individual divisions, there can be many different brackets, each consisting of eight teams, with the number of brackets and divisions depending on the number of participating teams per season. In each of the 1st and 2nd divisions, there is a bracket of eight teams. In all subsequent divisions, there is a maximum of four complete brackets each.

§1.4. Definition of participants

Participants in the ICS (Regular Series) are all organizations, teams and individual players who actively participate in the season or are defined and registered as stand-ins/substitutes. By participating in an active season, all participants agree to follow the rules and instructions of the Administration.

§1.5. Support & Contact

Basically, questions / brief concerns can be discussed with an admin via the ICS official discord server, but official support is only provided by official requests on the website of the ICS – International Conqueror Series. Private messages via various media to the ICS can be foreseen. Such requests will not be considered by the ICS should it be a support case/protest. Management can be contacted by a ticket to [ICS] Management or by email to “”.

§1.6. Management / Administration

A current overview of the management and administration of the ICS can be found in our “About us“.

§1.7. Regulation changes

The ICS reserves the right to change or extend rules as required. Teams and players will be informed about changes via Discord/Twitter. Changes during an active season are possible.

§1.8. Area of Effect

This policy applies only to the ICS – Regular Series. Other leagues, tournaments, cups or the individual duelists series are not affected by this rule. Penalties awarded in other ICS events are not eligible for participation in the Regular Series. In terms of fair play and its own philosophy, the ICS reserves the right to make exceptions. Misbehaviour that goes beyond the scope of this policy may have an impact on the Regular Series in severe cases. If such a case does occur, an administrator may require ICS management penalties for organizations, teams or individual players. Basically, the decision of the management is not disputable, but final.

§1.9. Cheating / Bug-using

Any form of cheating and bug-using is prohibited. This includes any aids, the use of unauthorized programs, ghosting over a stream, Aimbots, Maphacks and the like. The deliberate exploitation of bugs of any kind is punishable. Proved cheating players will be excluded from the current season of the ICS – Regular Series and will be suspended for any ICS events for at least 2 years, if not for life. Each team is responsible for determining if their team includes a banned player prior to entry. If a team knowingly or unknowingly participates with a previously banned player, the team will be disqualified and excluded from the current season’s league.

All games of the team, which contains a cheater, are subsequently considered a defeat. The team has the opportunity in the running season to replace their suspended players and end the season as usual. Games in which the cheating player has not participated remain unaffected. Further penalties for the team are possible should the team have been notified of the rule violation. Furthermore, there must be clear evidence. A premature release is not provided.

§1.10. Drugs / Doping / Alcohol

Participation in the ICS under the influence of drugs or performance-enhancing funds is expressly prohibited. Furthermore, the execution of games under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. Violations will be punished with a two-year ban and the team will be excluded from the current season. All games of the team are subsequently evaluated by the administration as defeats.

§1.11. Betting fraud

As a participant (player) of the ICS – Regular Series it is forbidden to bet on games of the ICS or to distort the result in any way. Furthermore, no third party may be charged with betting on ICS Regular Series games on behalf of the participant. Violations will result in the immediate exclusion of the team from the current season and a life-long suspension of the corresponding player. If a participation of the team/organization is proven, the sentence can be extended to all involved.

§1.12. Distortion of Competition / Match Agreements

Any distortion of competition and match agreements are prohibited. Any violation will be considered a fraud and will be punished with a two to five-year ban. Games that are proven to be affected by fraud are subsequently assessed by the administration. The team is excluded from the current season.

§1.13. Code of conduct

All participants must respect the ICS, its representatives, sponsors, viewers, the press and other players. The participants will be given a role model in which the eSport, the ICS, their representatives and sponsors are duly represented in public. Insults, threats, spam, unsportsmanlike behaviour, verbal and physical derailments, libel and deception are punishable, even with disqualifications. This includes all official games of the ICS, any chat, all forums and public appearances in any media. ICS reserves the right to punish individual players and their respective organization in the case of repeated misconduct.

§1.14. Punishments

The ICS reserves the right to impose penalties in the form of bans, penalty points and disqualifications. The severity of the punishment can be increased if repeated. Furthermore, upon request of a valid legal body, the ICS will issue data of participants in the course of a criminal proceeding if there is a legally valid requirement.

§1.15. Penalty points

Penalties are distributed within the ICS by an admin. A team that collects ten penalty points in one season will be banned from the current season. The requirement of penalty points for a participant must be proven by a ticket to [Support] League of Legends. The distribution of the penalty points and their amount are listed under §2. Rule violations. In individual cases or in case of repeated misconduct, the amount of the penalty points may vary.

§1.16. Bans

Temporary bans usually affect single players, but can also affect entire teams and organizations. Transfer bans always affect the entire team, although the length of the transfer bans can vary, always includes the current season. It applies that an admin decides in each case over the duration of the individual bans.

§1.17. Disqualification

Various offences (exemplified by “cheating”) can lead to immediate exclusion from the ICS – Regular Series. In this case, the participant loses his claim to any prizes he may have earned until then and will receive a timed ban. Games that are played by a single player or the team until the disqualification, are usually subsequently evaluated by an admin as a defeat. If there are no reasonable doubts that can be addressed to [ICS] Management by ticket management, the disqualification will not be reversed. Basically, a disqualification in severe cases can be extended to all teams in an organization. The latter measure, for example, comes into effect if an organization or several teams/players of an organization repeatedly violate this policy.

§1.18. Generic exclusions

The ICS is dedicated to the fair play and promotion of eSport and its athletes. For this reason, the ICS also ensures that an organization does not neglect its due diligence on its teams or players and shows a genuine interest in eSports. The ICS reserves the right, in justified cases, to impose a general ban on an organization that is proven to harm eSports, Fair Play, the ICS, its agents and sponsors, or its own teams or players. Each team/player will still have the opportunity to attend ICS events in the event of a general ban of the ICS to their organization. In this case, however, the participant must be careful that no affiliation to the banned organization exists, is visible, published or otherwise identified. A generic ban starts at six months and can last up to five years.

§1.19. Limit of age

Each participant of the ICS – Regular Series and all other events hosted by the ICS must be at least 16 years old.

§1.20. Agreements between players

The ICS is not responsible for, or in any way participates in any agreements or contracts of Participants. The responsibility for these agreements and contracts lies exclusively with the participants, the organizations, teams and players. It is expressly stated that no contractual relationship is required for participation in the ICS – Regular Series.

§1.21. Account-sharing

Account sharing is completely prohibited. If there is evidence or if there are significant doubts about a player, an admin will suspend or disqualify the entire team. In addition, the team will receive a transfer ban, the length of which is decided by an admin, but in any case, concerns the current season.

§1.22. Participation of multiple teams of a single organization

In essence, an organization is allowed to register all its teams for the ICS – Regular Series. For the sake of fair play, however, it is not possible to name more than one team in the 1st and 2nd division of the ICS – Regular Series despite successful qualification. In plain language, this means that an organization can name a maximum of one team in the 1st division and a team in the 2nd division. Any other teams that qualify successfully must remain in the 3rd Division. The ICS wants to ensure that fair conditions prevail within the Regular Series. This regulation always refers to a specific game, not the entire ICS – Regular Series and is, therefore, dependent on the genre chosen.

§1.23. Broadcasting rights

All broadcasting rights are exclusive to the ICS. It is forbidden to stream official games of the ICS and all associated events, to broadcast on TV or to use the content for other media. Any license violations will result in penalties and legal action from the ICS, its agents, partners and sponsors. The ICS may award licenses for individual or multiple games/events to partners, sponsors, promoters, organizations or the TV. Further information can be found in the official License Policy of the ICS and the corresponding Terms of Use. A list of official license holders can also be found on our website. If the ICS issues a license, it will always be on the website.

By participating in the ICS, Entrants agree that the ICS or Licensed Affiliates may broadcast selected games and may not object to such approval.

§1.24. Interviewpartner

All participants agree to provide an interviewee after a match shown in an official broadcast. Fundamentally, the choice of interview partner is up to the team. At the request of ICS or its official casters, however, any player, including a registered coach/manager, may be requested to interview after a match. Furthermore, the ICS reserves the right to invite individual interview partners of the team, ie players, coaches or team managers, to the interview outside of official matches. Appointments will be announced at least three days in advance and may serve, among other things, information and promotional purposes of the ICS and its partners and sponsors.

§1.25. Delayed player arrivals to LIVE-games

Player delays for matches transmitted on official channels of the ICS or by licensed partners will be penalized with two penalty points for the team starting 10 minutes late. In a non-casted game (over 30 minutes), the team will receive a total of four penalty points and will no longer be considered for LIVE games in the current season.

§1.26. Communication

The communication between the ICS and the participants usually takes place via the ticket system. In addition, each team commits to appointing at least one representative on ICS’s official discord server, who will be the contact point for any questions, challenges or game shifts. Any content from emails, tickets, the Discord server or any other internal media must be kept confidential. A breach of this confidentiality agreement can result in significant penalties for the participant.

§1.27. E-Mail

Each participant must ensure that the e-mail address in his profile is up-to-date and that the messages are regularly checked by the participant.

§1.28. Discord

The Discord server is used for short-term consultation, but mainly by the participants, for example, to discuss game shifts. Each team must ensure that an official representative of the team on the Discord is present, active and approachable. Click here for the ICS discord server:

§1.29. Sponsors / Partners

Any sponsors and partners with pornographic content are prohibited. Participants undertake that these sponsors/partners will not have direct or indirect advertising space in relation to the participant, the ICS, its representatives, sponsors and partners. In addition, ICS reserves the right to prohibit individual sponsors and partners should they cause economic or public harm to ICS, its agents, sponsors and partners. This provision also affects all betting providers who are not official partners of ICS.

§1.30. Bans by publishers

In the case of a participant’s suspension by the publisher of a game, the ICS reserves the right to temporarily suspend the respective participant for ICS events.

§1.31. Prices

The prices can be found in the respective group or division. Basically, the ICS provides prizes provided by the publisher and sponsors and partners. The payment of these prices is usually within 3 months, but a maximum of 6 months after the end of the season. It is true that the ICS cannot be legally prosecuted. In particular, if a delay or a deduction of the prices on the part of the publisher, sponsors and partners is due to this. Normally, publishers have their own rules and registration requirements when prizes are made available. We point out, to pay attention to these points and in particular to read and follow the description of each event exactly. In no event will ICS retain any advertised prices unless there are disqualifications or bans.

§2. Rule violations

§2.1. Generic information

Basically, the following tables are only a guideline and are not binding. An admin of the ICS and the management can decide in individual cases to increase the punishment clearly above the specified frame; For this, see the general conditions listed under §1 General. The penalty points are always awarded to the entire team, regardless of which player committed a rule violation. As defined more precisely under §1 Generic, individual rule violations of all categories can lead to suspension, disqualification or generic bans. Participants expressly agree to abide by this Policy when participating in the ICS Regular Series. Should there be any further questions, an admin can always be contacted via the ICS official discord server or by a ticket to [Support] League of Legends. In case of doubt, an admin will always decide within the framework of the rules and for the accused.

§2.2. Rule violations (1-4 Penalty points)

  • Violations of the Code of Conduct §1.13.
  • Unsporting behavior, ridicule and provocation.
  • Missing mention of a feasible alternative date for game shifts.
  • Missing contact on the Discord §1.26.
  • Failure to follow the instructions of an admin of the ICS
  • Player delays to LIVE games according to §1.25.
    • No-Show (after 30 Minuten)
  • Spoil the content or result of a game during a broadcast.
  • Refusal of providing an interview partner §1.24.

§2.3. Special and individual cases

The ICS reserves the right to impose penalties for unsportsmanlike, unfair or immoral behaviour in its sole discretion and independently of these rules and regulations to the participants. In special and individual cases that are not covered directly or indirectly by the rules, an admin will always consult with the management or the league management in advance of his decision.

§2.4. Heavy rule violations (4-8 penalty points)

  • Any insults
  • Cheating / Bugusing §1.9.
  • Sexual harassment, racism, extremism.
  • Account-sharing, Multi-accounts §1.21.
  • Betting Fraud §1.11.
  • Distortion of competition, match agreements §1.12. / §1.20.
  • Drugs, doping, alcohol §1.10.
  • Violation of the age restriction §1.19.
  • Violation of sponsor/partner restriction §1.29.
  • Manipulation of match results

§2.5. Complaints and objections

If a participant does not agree with the decision of an admin, a ticket can be opened to the [ICS] management. In this ticket, the case must be described as detailed as possible in order to avoid unnecessary queries and thus longer processing times. In any case, it is advisable to attach evidence to the ticket. Basically, the management does not take back a solid decision from an admin who was hit on this rule. A response from the management is made without exception via the ticket system.

§3. Course of the season

§3.1. Account-registration

Each participant must register an account on the ICS website. It should be noted that the Gameaccount (current name in the League Client) must either be set as a name or must be noted in the profile. If the name should be noted in the profile, then this must be clearly legible at the beginning of the profile description.


§3.2. Team-registration

Only one team per user is allowed. The team can be created, named and edited via the profile. If you have any questions, we recommend reading our FAQ or contacting an admin.

§3.3. Team-profile / Contact person

In the team profile, the contact person for the team must be noted, which in the best case is also on the discord server of the ICS. This contact can be contacted by other participants for questions and concerns, such as delays. If the contact person fails for a period, his replacement must be indicated.

§3.4. Participation in the league

If not arranged differently by representatives of the ICS, after creating an account and the team of the group / division can be joined. Basically, late registration is possible only after consultation with an admin. The individual leagues, tournaments and events are announced in the header of the ICS website. The game must be set correctly in the team profile.

§3.5. Registration on the community event website of Riot Games

Each participant (teams and players, including substitutes) must register on the RIOT event page before the start of the league/tournament. The link to the RIOT event page is in the description of the respective group/division. If you have any questions, please contact an admin in time. We expressly point out that the rules of RIOT Games apply to events.

§3.6. Schedules / Appointments

The game dates are automatically generated by the system at the start of the season. Generally, 1st and 2nd Division match dates are on Sundays with start dates between 17:00 and 20:00. Games of the 3rd Division and below take place on Tuesdays at 19:30. The ICS reserves the right to change dates for organizational reasons.

If an appointment is to be postponed, the match must be played within the following week (seven days). The respective contact persons of the teams can communicate via PM, Discord or other media about the date shift. As a rule, a date shift does not have to be reported to the ICS.

If an official or licensed caster reports a match via Discord as an upcoming broadcast, a date shift must be announced via discord or ticket at least 48 hours before the start of the game. Any violations of this rule will be penalized. It’s enough to let an admin know that the game is being moved.

If a contact person is not available and a participant can not postpone a match, an admin must be contacted via ticket. The admin will try to find a new date for the game. In case of doubt, a new date is fixed, which is not displaceable. The admin may decide to impose a penalty on the absent contact person of the team.

§3.7. Duration of the season

A group or division always consists of eight teams. These teams produce seven official matches per season, with one game played per week. Afterwards, the ICS pauses for a week to organize processes. In the following two weeks, relegation and playoff games will be held whose deadlines are binding and individually coordinated with the teams involved. Possible qualifiers can shift this schedule. Overall, a season of ICS – Regular Series, therefore, lasts 10 weeks. When one season ends, the ICS – Regular Series goes into a break. During this time, other events and offers of the ICS can be perceived, insofar as available. Regularly, this break lasts 1 – 1.5 months but can be exceeded if necessary and occasion (public holidays, large events, etc.).

§3.8. ICS-Champion

The winner of the 1st Division Playoffs will be the ICS Champion of the season and will receive additional prizes if available.

§3.9. Lobby creation

The lobby in the League of Legends client is created by the team listed on the ICS website in the first place of the encounter. The lobby name should have the abbreviation “ICS – Regular Series”. The lobby creator adds the contact person of the opposing team on his friend’s list and invites them. The following points should be noted.

  • Lobby name contains abbreviation “ICS – Regular Series:”
  • In the lobby are only the 10 players (and the respective casters of official streaming partners)
  • The lobby will be opened at least 5 minutes before the start of the game
  • The contact person of the opposing team will be invited on time
  • The match is played in 5on5 on the regular map
  • The Spectating from outside is allowed.
  • It is to be granted access only to an admin or an official caster of the ICS

§3.10. Player delays / No-Show

Delays must be reported at least two hours in advance of the opponent’s contact person. For games that are to be broadcasted live, this message must be sent immediately after the delay is known to an admin. It is considered that a delay of 30 minutes from the regular start of the game is considered a no-show. In this case, the present team will create a screenshot showing the date, time, the lobby and all the players present, and send this screenshot by a ticket to [Support] League of Legends.

The game will be considered as a defeat for the team after the competition, which has not started and as a win for the team present. If a delay has been announced or a date shift has been ignored, the team that has been late / has not appeared can also contact an admin by ticket. Basically, screenshots/proofs are necessary.

A team is not allowed to start a match with fewer than five players. Exceptions to this are under §3.11. listed.

§3.11. Game interruptions / outages

A team is allowed to pause the game if there is an obvious reason (disconnect) or both teams agree to a break in the chat. The number of breaks is not limited. However, a break should not last longer than 10 minutes unless both teams or an admin agree to a longer break. A comprehensible reason is for example in case of technical problems of one or more players. There are no tactical timeouts. If there is a reasonable suspicion that the break rule is abused to take a tactical break, an admin will take appropriate action. Basically, it is not allowed to pause just before or during a fight, no matter what the reason. Disregard leads to punishments.

If a game has been started with five players per team, a team is generally allowed to continue all games of that encounter with four players, should a player fail to connect. If more than one player fails, the game and, if applicable, the subsequent game must be surrendered. If the team that a player fails has a substitute, this player can be used in the following game without the consent of the opponent. The opponent is to be informed about this change. In a running game, no player may be changed. If in doubt, a game is four to end. No external player may be called in as a substitute.

§3.12. Transfer time

The ICS Regular Series allows a player to join a team during a current season. However, it is not permitted to switch from one ICS team to the next ICS team in one active season. A player is considered eligible to play if he joins the team as an active player at least five days (120 hours) before the start of the game. Should a player be employed who does not respect this ban time, the team will receive penalty points. In case of serious or repeated violations, the game in which the player was used will be considered as a defeat.

§3.13. The maximum size of a team

A team always consists of at least five players. In addition, up to three substitutes can be added to the team. A coach and a team manager may join the team, but then need to be clearly marked by their position in the team’s profile. Therefore, a maximum of eight players is entitled to play at the same time.

§3.14. Game mode

All games are played in a Bo3 (best of three) format in 5on5. Relegation games take place in Bo5 format. Playoff games and qualifiers may differ and will be announced on the tournament page. For each game won (Bo3 / Bo5), the team receives 3 points for the overall standings. The team that lost will receive 0 points.

§3.15. Unsporting behaviour / Inappropriate behaviour

The ICS forbids each participant to give up games, as far as not at least two players a participation in the game is demonstrably not possible, for example, due to technical problems. Furthermore, inappropriate messages in the chat, the spamming of emoticons and dancing as a provocation scored and penalized.

§3.16. Reports of rule violations

Each participant has the opportunity to report other participants via ticket to the [Support] League of Legends due to rule violations. It does not matter if the rule violations were committed during or outside official ICS games. The report must be accompanied by evidence, such as screenshots, video or similar means.

§3.17. Relegation / Playoffs

The respective event page under the “Prizes” category indicates when a team must qualify for playoffs or hold relegation games. As a general rule, changes are possible during a current season if a number of teams retire prematurely from the current season. Relegation and playoff matches are always played in the best-of-five (Bo5) and individually announced by the ICS. The announcement takes place on the website, Twitter and Discord. The ICS assumes that a team is sufficiently and promptly informed about the media.

§3.18. Game result/screenshots

The score must be confirmed by both teams on the homepage after completing the game (Bo3 / Bo5). If a faulty result has been entered by mistake here, a ticket to [Support] League of Legends with date + time + result + screenshot has to be created. Basically, every team of every game completed without exception has to take a screenshot of the result (display after the game in the client) and keep it until at least four weeks after the end of the ICS. In the screenshot, the date, time, all games and the result (the entire client) must be clearly visible.

It is possible that an admin in case of dispute needs these screenshots and accordingly – even later – request.

§3.18.1. Game Result/Match History Link

To ensure free information for current and future ICS participants, the teams agree to publish a link to the Riot Games Game Statistics in the Comment section of their game on the ICS Homepage.

Both participating teams are responsible for this process.

§3.19. Skins

Only skins officially approved by RIOT Games are allowed. Custom or custom skins from third parties are not allowed. The ICS reserves the right to ban individual skins for one or more games. This action is taken if skins have errors that can affect the gaming experience.

§3.20. Pick & Ban

All ICS – Regular Series games are played in Tournament Draft mode. For regular games, the team starts on the blue page listed on the left side of the game board and has already created the lobby. Leaving during the draft is not allowed. There are no placeholders allowed. Players have to sort themselves by their roles. From top to bottom this means (Top -> Jungle -> Mid -> Adc -> Support).

§3.21. Bugs

The exploitation of bugs of any kind is prohibited and can be penalized between four and eight penalty points. An admin can rate the game as a defeat.


This document (ICS – Master Rulebook) is the property of ICS and the organization Fenris eSports. Any use, duplication and alteration is strictly prohibited unless written permission has been obtained from ICS / Fenris eSports. ICS and Fenris eSports reserve the right to take legal action for violations of copyright law.

As of: September 2018, ICS – International Conqueror Series