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"ICS - International Conqueror Series" - License Policy


The “ICS – International Conqueror Series” exists to provide a platform for ambitious players and their team’s participation in a competitive environment, all around Europe.

We are working on these tasks with integrity and deliver the users of our website the best experience we are able to create for them. In this document, we’re explaining the use of streaming licenses which we will hand out to trusted partners of the ICS management and its projects. If you’re interested in applying to one of our content streaming licenses, feel free to contact us by e-mail ( or with the contact form on the bottom of this document.

General Principles

The “ICS – International Conqueror Series” is all about providing the best experience for both players and viewers of their matches. Managing all of these games, providing streams, organizing casters and the tournament brackets is, therefore, a hard but obviously mandatory part of our work.

No one can do everything alone. Even if one might wish so sometime. We have absolutely no problem with cooperation between several different organizations which are interested in participating in the streaming of the events taking place in the games being played in the ICS tournaments and leagues.

ICS - International Conqueror Series Licenses

Terms of Use Article on Licenses

Exploitation rights for the games played in tournaments hosted by the ICS – International Conqueror Series are in all its extent with the „ICS – International Conqueror Series. This includes the rights on demonstrations, replays of tournament games, just as their broadcasting in TV, radio and other audio and video online streaming services, as well as records of these. Demonstration and replays are data files which are provided by the game software intended to record the played games for future playbacks.


“ICS – International Conqueror Series” – Terms of Use
Terms of Use of the ICS

Acquiring a content-sharing partnership license

Acquiring the right for streaming of content, use of our content in your own videos, broadcasting its visuals or audio and use of playback material is possible through contacting us and applying for a partnership license.

Are you interested in portraying your players yourself? Are you looking for content you can fill empty days in your streaming plan with? Do you need the content of tournaments for research purposes or to showcase specific outcomes and similar things? Feel free to fill the contact form below or write us an e-mail about your specific needs and why you would like to join our content-sharing partnership program! Detailed information about your organization or your personal use of the content is required for recognition of your request.

Use of our contact form

Are you interested in joining up our content-sharing partnership license? Great! You’re one step closer to becoming one of our licensed partners! If you would like to use your own form or your personal design for writing a message, like integrated signatures and all the fancy stuff coming along with it, feel free to write us a customized e-mail to!

So now your decision on how to contact us has been made!

There’s a field for the name of the person we will be answering to when you made your proposal. You can write your own full name into it or the full name of the organization you’re contacting us with. We will want to contact you afterwards, make sure you’re frequently looking into your e-mail box. We will answer as quick as possible.

The subject should contain, what kind of license you would want to ask for. “content-sharing partnership license – Twitch” would be a fitting example.

The message you’re writing to us will be the deciding factor if we will invite you to a personal meeting where further details will be discussed. Present yourself from your best sides, but avoid making false promises. With all these information you should be able to write a fitting application for our partner program.

If you have any questions before you want to apply for a content-sharing partnership license, please let us know! You can use the same contact form to ask us a question regarding the license.

We are looking to hearing from you!