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  • Welcome to the official website of the ICS - International Conqueror Series. If you have questions, please contact an admin via discord or ticket. We wish you and your team a lot of fun and success.

Learn more about the first season of the ICS – Regular Series in this article. You will also find the selected groups in the text that were randomly compiled from the pre-registration. If you have any questions, please contact an admin via discord or a support ticket.

The course of the 1st season

After numerous e-mails with RIOT Games and internal agreements, we decided not to hold a qualifier. Instead, the teams on 16.09. or 18.09. start directly into the group phase, which will last a total of 7 weeks. Afterwards, the ICS – Regular Series will be paused for one week, in order to then stage playoffs of the first, second and some third place teams of the respective groups. The playoffs will take another 2 weeks, so that the first season of the ICS – Regular Series a total of 10 weeks, so until 25.11.2018 will be held. We will be pausing after the season in December and start in January 2019 with the 2nd season.

Prizes in the form of RP, Skins and XP Boosts will be provided by RIOT Games for each group stage and playoff. Therefore, please note that your entire team has to log in on the RIOT event page and check in on the RIOT event page before the first match. Please note that RIOT will not distribute prizes to individual teams/players who do not comply with this rule. The link to each event can be found in the description of your assigned group. If you have any questions, the admin team is happy to help.

The winner of the final playoffs will also receive the title “ICS – Champion Season 1” in addition to additional prizes (PaySafeCard) and may use this title in relation to the team/organization. Based on the points achieved in the group and playoff phase, the teams are divided into different divisions for the second season. All teams that have qualified for the playoffs on 25/11/2018 will automatically start in the 1st Division from the 2nd season of the ICS – Regular Series.


Overview of the groups & dates

Note: Game dates can be moved if necessary. For this, both of the teams have to agree. Further information can be found in the “Master Rulebook”. The teams were randomly selected based on the pre-registration. Subsequent changes to the groups will only be made to fill gaps in groups should individual teams fail to compete and check in for the ICS Regular Series despite advance notice. Subsequent registration is not possible. For questions please contact an admin.

Schedules (group stage) Group A – C:
-> The games will be played either at 17:00 or 20:00 CEST.


Schedules (group stage) Group D – E:
-> The games will be played at 19:30 CEST.


Playoffs: The playoffs will be played on 18 and 25.11.2018 and start at 14:00. Qualified teams will be contacted at the end of the group stage. It certainly qualifies, who reaches the 1st or 2nd place in his respective group. Also qualify the three best teams in third place of each group, which could earn the most points. Additional information about the playoffs will follow through the News, Discord and Twitter as the group stage moves on to the final match day.


Group A:

Team AGALIA – Academy
AeQ Academy Bremen
Adorable eSports – ADR PrimitivEffektiv
Adorable eSports – ADR Krieger des Fußberges
SumForce eSports
Rage Bears eSports – RageBears Unlucky
Metaleak Storm – MTLK Storm
Bloodrain Gaming – BRG Prospects

Group B:

Aequilibritas eSports – Alive
MGG – Green
Adorable eSports – ADR Main Team
Eternal Dragons Gaming
Tactical Gaming
Adorable eSports – ADR Terror Squad
Legacy Global eSports – Divina Surikate

Group C:

R3vive Gaming – Academy
Chris Angels
MGG – Purple
Fenris eSports – Yggdrasil
Sublizzy eSports
„Ich bin gut auf Taric“
Team Society – Academy

Group D:

Adorable eSports – ADR Karpador Filet Crew
Fenris eSports – Raccoon
Pyrolyse Gaming
R3vive Gaming
Acid Gaming
Black Lyons
1. Berliner eSport-Club e.V.
Metaleak Omega – MTLK Omega

Group E:

Elite Warriors
Infinity Ledge
Fenris eSports – Female
Team Society
Team Society – Community
Cracow Esports
Legacy Global eSports – LCG Sloths
AS eSports


Important links and information:

Master Rulebook:
Official Streams (Twitch):
License Policy:

Important information for registration:

Each player must have an account on the homepage of the ICS. A selected player must create a team with the appropriate name and sign up for that team in the group listed above. All other players in the team must join the team. If a player is not registered in a team, this player is not eligible to play. Further information can be found in the FAQ and Master Rulebook of the ICS – Regular Series. For questions, the admin via support ticket and discord are available.


We look forward to an exciting season and wish all teams much success & fun!

Yours sincerely,
Administration Team of the ICS

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