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  • Welcome to the official website of the ICS - International Conqueror Series. If you have questions, please contact an admin via discord or ticket. We wish you and your team a lot of fun and success.

The ICS makes changes to the groups before the 1st season. Furthermore, there are individual changes to the rules.

To all participants of the ICS – Regular Series (1st Season)

The registration deadline for teams has expired. We have to realize that many organizations in Germany and France can not manage to keep their promises. For this reason, we have already informed you via Discord and Twitter about necessary changes. In the following text you will find the changes of the groups and individual changes of the rules. Even if we are not the initiator, we apologize for these short-term changes. Fortunately, the 2nd Season of the ICS – Regular Series offers a more stable system that does not depend so much on the reliability of different organizations and teams. Furthermore, we are available for questions and concerns via Discord and Ticket. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to the start of the league.


Team Society (E -> A)
Fenris eSports – Team Lynx (E -> D)
Team Society – Abstellkammer (E -> D)
Infinity Ledge (E -> C)
AS eSports (E -> A)
Cracow Esports (E -> D)
NEW: Storming Stars Gaming (NEW -> B)
NEW: Acid Gaming – NoName (NEW -> C)
NEW: Inferna Incendium (NEW -> C)

Gruppe A:

BRG Prospects
Team AGALIA Academy
AeQ Academy Bremen
Unlucky Ragebears
Primitiv Effektiv
Team Society
AS eSports

Gruppe B:

(A missing team, we are currently looking for)
Adorable eSports
ADR +error Squad
AeQ Alive
Mixed Generation Gamers – MGG Green
Tactical Gaming
Storming Stars Gaming

Gruppe C:

Fenris eSports – Yggdrasil
R3vive Gaming Academy
Team Society – Academy
Mixed Generation Gamers – MGG Purple
Sublizzy eSports
Infinity Ledge
Acid Gaming – NoName
Inferna Incendium

Gruppe D:

Pyrolyse Gaming
Fenris eSports – Raccoon
ADR Karpador Filet Crew
R3vive League
Acid Gaming
Fenris eSports – Team Lynx
Team Society – Abstellkammer
Cracow Esports



=> It’s still not allowed to open your lobby for a (e.g.) Coach or Analyst. (NEW) Please make sure, everyone can watch your game from outside your lobby.

=> NEW rule. It’s now necessary that both teams post their match-link from all games into our match-chat. You will find the match-chat as soon as the schedule is released.

IF you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact an Admin!

Best regards,
Christian | Equinox
CEO / Management – ICS


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