First Pentakill of the ICS by Cracow Esports

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There is no better start for a team in a tournament than a dominating 2-0 victory, but “Cracow Esports” also celebrated this win yesterday with a Pentakill.

When “League of Legends” players are on their way to Lv.30, there is often no better comparison than the number of pentakills already done. Whether Katarina, Master Yi, Fiddlesticks, Darius or even Yasuo, we remember most of them! The first Pentakill is something special for most of us. We are no exception and were happy to watch the first Pentakill of the season on Matchday 2 of the league directly in our stream.

“Humble X3D”, AD-Carry of the Polish team “Cracow eSports” saves the day, when he frees the midlaner “7Schmith6”, who has already been caught several times in the jungle, together with the rest of the team from his predicament. So “Humble” as Tristana achieves a Quadra kill under the opposing towers and then picks up his last opponent in a desperate attempt to protect the Nexus.

After this performance, it may be difficult to meet the demands of the audience, but we will see in the coming weeks what “Cracow Esports” still has in store.


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