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Some of the most interesting games of the whole season are taking place in the playoffs of the regular series, ADR seems to be unstoppable and the preseason is closing in! 

With most of the games already done, we have quite some stuff to talk about. The regular series is about to come to an end and there are still a few questions left unanswered.

We started the playoffs of this season with some of the most interesting matchups in the very first round of games. If things would have gone as expected, every first place of the group phase would have defeated their 2nd places opponents. This was not always the case.

The second game of the first round, “Adorable eSports” against “Team ZODIACS”, “Adorable eSports” here as second place in the group stage, wins the game. It was clear anyway that it would be an exciting match and both teams fought hard, but the game was decided by the second-placed “Group B” team. Also, game number 4 was decided by the second placed team of “Group A”. “Q-Family” has prevailed here against the favourite from Group C, “Sublizzy eSports”.

A victory over “Fenris eSports – Raccoon” makes “Adorable eSports” slip directly into the final. It’s still not clear if “Lovely Mister Singing Club” or “Q-Family” will win the last semi-final and compete against “Adorable eSports” in this season’s final.

There is not much time left to complete the last games of the season, as the pre-season patch is already announced by Riot games. Even if we are not completely sure when it will be released, we are prepared to complete the games as soon as possible. A possible game plan is already set for the teams and we hope that the last games will be a lot of fun once again for players, teams and organizations and finally, the “cup” will be awarded to the best team.

We are looking forward to who the very first “ICS Champion” title will be awarded to!

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