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  • Welcome to the official website of the ICS - International Conqueror Series. If you have questions, please contact an admin via discord or ticket. We wish you and your team a lot of fun and success.

ICS - International Conqueror Series


With a passion for eSports and the gaming scene, we want to give players from around the world the opportunity to gain competitive experience and compete with other teams. We rely on a professional environment, on fairness among each other and are very happy to give all participants organizations and teams a stage for their work and effort. The eSport continues to evolve, especially in terms of broadcasting games and young talent promotion. We want to do our part to support this positive development and help to improve the understanding of the game.


The ICS was founded by Christian “Equinox” Böker, a former competitive player and founder of Fenris eSports. In June 2018, the management of Fenris eSports decided to expand its own involvement in the gaming scene and to cooperate with the former amateur league Insidious eSports, which was previously led by Luca “EliteKampfEi” Giuliano in Germany. After numerous discussions, it was decided that the eSport should not be separated by languages. And also that a joint committee is clearly more effective.

For this reason, the organization Fenris eSports took over the league completely and founded on the basis of the former Insidious League, the ICS – International Conqueror Series on 08.July.2018. The league changed its focus from Germany to an international environment to bring together players who otherwise might never have met. This decision was able to break down borders, create new ground and is well prepared for the future. The ICS is looking forward to a hopefully long and successful future.

  • 04.June.2018 –  Acquisition of the Insidious League Fenris eSports
  • 08.July.2018 – Foundation of the ICS – International Conqueror Series
  • 16.September.2018 – Start of the Regular Series (5on5) in League of Legends

Management & Administration

Christian "Equinox" Böker

Founder of the ICS. Born on 06.11.1991 in Bremen, living in Delmenhorst (Germany). Christian has many years of online/offline experience in the competitive scene of Day of Defeat: Source & multiple CoD titles, and today focuses his commitment on helping young talents make their way into the scene.

Michael "Dregorin" Witt

Co-Founder and manager of the ICS. Michael takes over the project management of the ICS and takes care of the operational and further expansion of our commitment. Born on 28.01.1998 in Kaltenkirchen, living in Brokstedt (Germany). He brings his experience as a former community manager into his new position.

Daniel "Baillie3" Baillie

Currently, shoutcaster for FenrisTV and additionally Admin for the ICS. At this moment 24 years old and born in England. Daniel has been interested in the project from the very beginning and helped the project whenever it was possible to do so. He’s been awarded the position of an administrator in October 2018.

Paul "ToXav" Fach

Admin of the ICS for League of Legends. Born on the 13.02.2001 in Schwäbisch Hall, Paul assists the ICS as an administrator for the support system. He will be answering most of the support requests made by players and is working on the improvement of the experience of every player in every way possible.


We want to make sure that we support the organizations/teams in their public relations in the best possible way. That’s why we decided to establish FenrisTV as the official partner of ICS and to use the shared commitment of the in-house production to cast numerous games of each team at a good level. Since we manage the production of our casts ourselves, we can ensure our quality standards. Nevertheless, we offer each professional and structured organization a license to stream ICS games upon written request to us. We pay attention to quality and a high level of commitment, can help with the development of the casts and support streamers ready for performance.

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